Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Perfume Time is Over

Finally Speedy achieved an amazing collection of the perfumes six perfumes at each week for the three past weeks. that's a lot we should be proud if we collected most of them and specially all of them. 

Speedy Perfume Collection Completed

Isn't it just one of the most beautiful things on Pet Society?, Look how many colors and bubbles at one hugh display while each and each perfume was a hard work , worth the amazing product in the end of this.

Have you completed your Perfume Collection? Just a reminder if you didn't today is the last day of buying them in the Boutique and getting the last perfume. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Day

Hey it's Speedy here , April Fools Day! I'm really Speedy's owner (what a lousy joke) , anyway for Speedy it was a really weird day. at first there was like fifty neighbors who shouted Free Playfish Cash to turn out to be Playfish Joke about a Tree that gives you Playfish Cash as fruits, I pretty much saw this coming as I know Playfish will never giveaway playfish cash like this. (You can see the post at Pet Society Fan Page)

Playfish Announcement at the Fan Page

Anyway if you did fell for it, or you didn't you should anyway to click on the link below cause it does give you a gift, I hoped for a real seed of that tree but for the fruits to be just regular fruits not really Playfish Cash. but instead you get a Aprils Fools 2011 Poster (could hope for more) , anyway it better then just a note saying "Aprils Fools" or a pie in your face.

April Fools 2011 Poster sticked on the Tree House wall

Anyway I just wanted to bring up this Poo which called Chocolate Poo the very own first and the only eatable poo in Pet Society , the item was on sale at Aprils Fools Day on 2009. I got it from a very nice person but also earned one at the Lost Treasures. felt very proud at that moment. Anyway Speedy displayed it on his Poo Room and decided to show it up specially for Aprils Fools.

Speedy next to the Chocolate Poo at his Poo Display room.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Collecting Perfumes is fun

Hey everyone, sorry for not posting recently I decided to post about features and interesting things I find on Pet Society and not for every week, I'm doing it to keep the fun of playing Pet Society and writing the blog I remind me self always it is not a chore but sometimes I feel like it's. So I'm posting today about the Perfumes. 

Speedy and I found the Perfumes Collecting very fun , and one of the most challenging tasks Playfish gave us, I don't really like to Find the Mayor Pets but the feature was dead in the first day it came so this good reward make me really want to find those little pets and yell at the mayor to lose them all tomorrow for an other perfume. 

Speedy searching for The Mayor Pets

Digging the Weekly Perfume is not very challenging for me, as I have the Lucky Hat, but still I don't get it on the first treasure. So although others are having much more hard time then me but I remind you that I have to waste my coins on shovels too.

Raccoon Speedy searching at the Town Forest for Weekly Perfume

And Free Gifts, I was really surprised how easy it to get this perfumes and to know how much good neighbors I have gifting me one every single day even they know I already got mine, they just continue gifting it to me and of course I sends one back. It isn't a trade it a gift so it feel so much better getting it, even you have to be polite and return a gift back.

Speedy next to the Free Gift Icon

But eventually at the end you getting your self a very nice Perfume Collection, the thought there is more one week and three days just make it better , knowing you already did an half way through it and you successfully achieve it. We should clap our self, Bravo!

The Half Completed Perfume Collection

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Support Japan

Well hey , Speedy and I was just going to donate some of our money to help Japan so we ran fast into the Boutique and we both said the same time - how rude. Does Supporting Japan should be for girls only? You would be shocked too if you would be a Male that would get for donating a female clothing. We decided to buy the Support Japan Bundle and not to open it - that how we can still enjoy it. 

Speedy next to the Support Japan Bundle

Then after a research we found out that Support Japan Hakama is really a male clothe that within time became into a unisex clothe who would believe so? I told Speedy so and we were still wondering - History is History but that still a girly wearing , I agreed. Not to forget that it come with Support Japan Hairclip which sure are girly but we also knew that Support Japan Sandals are unisex too. Speedy told me he saw that the Bundle comes with a Support Japan Plushie it comes with a cute balloon says Thank You. Speedy and I hurried to open the bundle without even considering cause we just had to see those items already. Eventually Speedy wore the Support Japan clothes and told himself - It might be girly but I am proud with it. 

Speedy wearing the Support Japan Clothes next to the Support Japan Plushie

Saturday, March 12, 2011

St Patricks Day Mystery Box

Speedy is really disappointed today , he was really hoping for an exciting Patrick Day with lot of green items , balloons and especially a big Party but all I found from the shops that have any relate to Patrick Day was this
St Patricks Day Mystery Box - '?' Told me that it include previous items of the St. Patrick Day an other disappointing cause Speedy and I was at Pet Society last year celebrating the St Patricks Day. Lets just hope that next year would get better - Speedy and I thought it a better idea just to keep the box not opened the only item that can remind us this year Patricks Day.

Speedy next to the St Patricks Day Mystery Box

Friday, March 4, 2011

Let the Show go on

The circus animals, they are here!! What an excitement but before thinking this is over lets not forget the last animal in the collection - The animal seems to be still a mystery and will be out next week on Monday, I think it's a butterfly as it perfectly match the shade. but lets just not wait for it there is enough animals to celebrate first there is the Carnival Lion and Balancing Bear that were sold for 1 Playfish Cash today and yesterday, Speedy couldn't get really closer to the Carnival Team but here a picture of the four of them.

The Carnival Group Standing in the Carnival

Also today a new machine have been added to the Carnival the Carnival Paw Claw Machine sadly Speedy tried over and over to get him a plushie from the machine but the claw seems to be broken and can't catch any of the dolls inside. I told Speedy it's just a regular scam of a machine and we should leave the machine cause there is no way of getting a doll out of there.

Speedy next to the Carnival Paw Claw Machine

Now I know it pretty late but Speedy and I yesterday dogged a very funny item the Carnival Jester Hat a very cute item pretty sure a Jester lost it sometime long ago at the Forest and today Speedy and I finally found it, the cute bells it make when Speedy moves are cute but getting kind of annoying in some moments I asked Speedy to put it off so he just returned to wear his Duck Hats.  

Speedy wearing the Carnival Jester Hat

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hit The Duck

Hehe I was just laughing because from the two FREE hats you get in the carnival the first one is an awesome free gift you can get only from a neighbor, it's simply a Carnival Duck Headband - which is perfectly the same duck you hitting on the "Hit The Duck" game - lucky Speedy the gun on the "Hit The Duck" game are fake and cannot hurt him.

Speedy wearing the Carnival Duck Headband

So here again the second Ducky Hat , simply you get it for FREE too but in order to get it you must follow Playfish, and if you do you will get a email from them with a link contains a Carnival White Duck Headband what I would call a Pink Duck cause seriously - it's pink. Speedy love to wear it with his child character this week and to show off that he got it. 

Speedy wearing the Carnival White Duck Headband

Also a other member of the Carnival Group got into the town carnival , this time it's a Suited Seal which as the name said it's a Seal wearing a Suit but it have a ball on his nose and never mind what you will do he will never let the ball fall - so good luck breaking his world record of putting a ball on a nose for over unlimited time (laugh). 

Speedy next to the Suited Seal and the Swinging Bunny